Where I Am

Ovingham ChurchWelcome to the world of Christine Hewitt, often known as Flo. It’s definitely an old world in a small Northumberland Village with a number of claims to fame.

  1. There’s the old bridge which is shut at present
  2. There’s the Ovingham Goose Fair

The bridge is historic and was originally only for horse and cart transport over the river. It’s now used by cars and small vans. Someone with a large lorry was a bit surprised when his satnav directed him to cross at this bridge and there was no way that he could do so. He discovered the pleasures of our country roads for his journey.

Other than that, it’s a small village with a school and a shop and a bus service into Corbridge, Hexham or Newcastle depending on whether you want the essentials of life or the big city life. Or you can walk over the pedestrian footbridge and catch a bus into Prudhoe. When the bridge repairs are open you will be able to take your car and drive into Prudhoe again.

We also have allotments and a busy reading room that acts as a village hall, two pubs, a small village shop, a rather splendid church and a parish council.

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