There’s an allotment …

allotment 2013It’s all prepared and all go up the allotment – all the preparation done and all the seed packets marshalled ready for sowing.

There’s more tubs than that which are full and waiting to be planted up. What else does one do with a large concrete area? It has to be productive. Especially as the rents went up this year.

The strawberry patch newly planted with runners bought on last year looks good. The elephant garlic, winter onions and normal garlic planted last winter all look good. The raspberry canes have buds on and so do the fruit trees.

So what is the hold up? The weather is blowing hot and cold. Today and tomorrow the forecast is warm and then it turns a bit chilly again. Hey, there was snow in the area one day last week – not on the weather forecast that.

I feel an outbreak of itchy fingers coming on. That usually means that things have to be started off again which costs. Even the small home garden is all in order! What is a girl to do when outside work is in hand? Don’t say housework!

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