Slaving over a hot allotment

fruit and vegI looked at the empty tubs on the allotment over the weekend and realised that I needed to sow seeds.

No seeds sown means no produce. So I worked for Easter Saturday and Easter Monday in the sun.

There were already the first showing of peas and broad beans lagging badly but showing. Elephant garlic, winter onions and shallots were already in place as were a few early radishes. Rhubarb is looking good and so are the herbs. Kohl rabi and spinach seedlings are showing. But the seed draw was still bulging.

So two days hard labour in the sun to fill tubs and seed trays.

In seed trays went more peas as well as leeks, brussel sprouts, red cabbage. In the tubs are more radish, lettuce, salad turnips, mixed salad leaves, salad turnips and spring onions. In the ground went endive and beetroot.

And to finish the newest compost heap has been turned to help it speed up in rotting down and encourage the worms to do their own thing. And just a few flower seeds have been added in odd corners. Just to encourage the pollinators.

Today I need to iron up some more gardening trousers, inspect the seed drawer again and visit the garden centre for some sundries. And do some watering this evening no doubt. Oh and consider the home garden! All better than being a domestic goddess!

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