Someone has ..

  • Run off with the nice warm and sunny weather
    • That’s kept the ice cream man indoors for a bit which is good as his van is only round the corner so he starts his round in this road
    • It’s also slowed up all the seedlings on the allotment
  • Started to dig up the main street in Prudhoe and put in temporary traffic lights
    • That’s caused traffic jams, complaints and late running buses
    • Not to mention the fact that all the traders on the main street are short of customers again
  • Closed one of the two better second hand shops in the “other” town for refurbishment
    • Could make it harder to find a pair of gardening trousers for the pair I wrecked
  • Asked if I will help at a village jumble sale on Saturday morning coming
    • Of course I said yes being a generous person but the weather forecast isn’t great so no great hassle
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