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I want a mad hatter

He’s not quite as tall as me, comes hot cast in bronze, is one of a small edition and he’d be a lovely addition to my back garden. And if you feel you have the money to spare, you can … Continue reading

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Slaving over a hot allotment

I looked at the empty tubs on the allotment over the weekend and realised that I needed to sow seeds. No seeds sown means no produce. So I worked for Easter Saturday and Easter Monday in the sun. There were … Continue reading

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Garden sheep

No not real ones – a trio that arrived as presents at Christmas in bubble wrap. Just the sort of thing that you need in a small garden as a feature. A talking point …… Unfortunately they don’t keep the … Continue reading

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New week, old weather

It has been windy. The forecast says it will continue to be windy. The trouble is that it isn’t a warm and friendly wind. It’s cold and seems to be non-stop. Wind like this is no friend to gardener – … Continue reading

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Sure the snowdrops have come and nearly gone and the daffodils are making the effort all over the verges and gardens at last. Dandelions are coming into flower and whenever the sun comes out the birds have more things on … Continue reading

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