A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

farne lighthouseNo not the pop song from the dim and distant hits of my youth but a day out to the seaside.

Time on Holy Island and time at Seahouses. Yes it was Easter Sunday yesterday, yes the weather was lovely, yes there were tourists everywhere. Yes it was a good day to be an ice cream vendor.

And nope I didn’t come home with any tourist offerings (tourist tat!!) from all the hopeful shops who wanted to turn a profit on a good weekend. Yes I do have loads of pictures to add to the picture files. Sometime when the sun isn’t shining and the allotment isn’t in need of my attention.

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Garden sheep

sheepNo not real ones – a trio that arrived as presents at Christmas in bubble wrap.

Just the sort of thing that you need in a small garden as a feature. A talking point ……

Unfortunately they don’t keep the grass cut – it needs mowing. Sigh. But the garden isn’t big enough for real sheep.

I’m going to have to get into gardening mode …. Thing is that grass isn’t something you eat so it’s less interesting than an allotment that grows vegetables.

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A domestic goddess?

domestic goddessI thought I was in the running for a domestic goddess award with the cooking done, the house tidy, the fridge cleaned out, the laundry in order, cupboards sorted ………..

Then quite by mistake I ran a cloth along the bottom of one of the radiators that keep the bungalow nice and warm. Sigh. Such a mess. Such a job to clean up – having done one, best to do the others.

At least the house spider hasn’t been busy leaving cobwebs.

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New week, old weather

weather-vaneIt has been windy. The forecast says it will continue to be windy.

The trouble is that it isn’t a warm and friendly wind. It’s cold and seems to be non-stop.

Wind like this is no friend to gardener – who wants to be planting in cold and wind when all you are doing is sending seeds to an early demise.

And it is no real friend to the photographer unless he or she is going to use video facilities.

It would be excellent if we could now have a return to spring weather so that outdoors is a source of enjoyment and productivity.

Things do need to improve by Sunday – yes it is Easter Sunday – as I’m hoping for a day out on an excursion.

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Taking out the camera

CameraIt’s a long time since I decided to take the camera out for a day of taking pictures for the sheer pleasure of going somewhere new and exploring.

Recently the camera has been at the service of the local Parish Council who sometimes need pictures to make a point to ask for some service to be undertaken for the good of the village. But today someone pointed out a small village that could be interesting. As the good people live there I’ll take that as an indication.

There’s a few of my older pictures here if you are interested.

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